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Renault Clio Model Car Problems

All cars can fall victim to faults at one time or another, but some models are more prone to certain issues than others. Renault Clios, like any other cars, have problems with them that are more common than in other makes and models of cars, and that they are more susceptible to for one reason or another. Here, we explain a little more about some of the faults that are common with Renault Clios:

Cruise control

A fault often caused by a break in the wiring harness to clutch pedal, this problem is known to affect the following models of Clio:

1.2, 1.4, 1.5d, 1.6, 16v, 2.0 (all manufactured between 2001 – 2008)

Engine stalling

Problems with engine stalling and a lack of power often suggest that the throttle body of the Clio may need to be cleaned out. These issues most commonly affect the following models:

1.2 & 1.4 petrol models (manufactured between 2001 – 2008)


For Clios made between the years of 2005 – 2012, gearbox problems have been recorded. The cars manufactured within these years are fitted with the AL4 gearbox, which often requires a modified electro valve along with a total reprogramming service.


For a small number of V6 petrol Clios made between the years of 2001 and 2005, there were reports of accelerator problems. In certain cases that were reported, there was a faulty contact on the accelerator pedal sensor which caused the issue.

Brake lights

The brake lights on Clios manufactured between 2005 and 2012 were sometimes known to pose issues, as it was possible for the lights’ switches to melt on account of grease within the circuit switches getting too hot.


Many of the Clios built between September and November 2010 had underlying issues with their engine’s valves. Though sometimes this posed no real threat to the car’s engine or the vehicle as a whole, the worst cases did involve total destruction of the Clio’s engine.


Some Clios built in October 2002 were built with faulty suspension. This manufacturing defect, in some cases, caused a potential risk of the front left or right suspension arm breaking when suffering an impact whilst the vehicle was in operation.

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