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Currently, the global market for the automotive industry is uneven and uncertain. Whilst U.S sales are increasing steadily, Russia and South America are seeing a massive decrease in sales. Although China is the world’s largest vehicle market, the growth has slowed. These shifts in the market mean that all current industry leaders, as listed below, are vulnerable to disruption.

Toyota Motors

Toyota retains its position at the top of the polling for a third year holding 12.94% of the world market with annual sales of 10.23 million vehicles. However, in
January 2015, The Telegraph reported that Toyota company forecasts show a
predicted sales drop to 10.15 million for this year.

Volkswagen Group

The German brand Volkswagen Group hold 12.83% of the world market and have
reported a stable and high level of 5 million sales for the first half of 2015 despite a shaky market environment.

General Motors

General Motors are the American multinational corporation that manufactures
Chevrolet, Buick and Cadillac. They currently hold 12.55% of the world market
share with an annual 9.92 million vehicles sold.


The Renault-Nissan Alliance is a strategic partnership between French
manufacturers, Renault, and the Japanese manufacturers, Nissan. Renault-Nissan
hold 10.72% of the world market share and have reported record sales of 8.47
million in 2014, making it the 5th consecutive year that sales figures have risen.


The Hyundai Motor Group hold 9.75% of the world market share. The Group have
predicted their sales for 2015 to be the weakest growth since 2003. They have
stated that they aim to sell 8.2 million vehicles in 2015, which is just a 2.5%
increase from 2014 and only just meets the predicted annual average, as polled by
Reuters, of 8.27 million.


Ford holds 8% of the world market share, and boasts manufacturing the Ford Fiesta and the Ford Focus, recently named the UK’s best selling and third best selling cars of 2015. Currently Ford’s sales are beating the overall UK market growth for the 40th consecutive month and their sales in June showed the highest figures for more than 25 years. The UK brand are confident that their growth will continue in the following months.

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