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A Guide to MOTs

The Ministry of Transport (MOT) tests are carried out annually on vehicles that are 3 years old or more. The test itself may vary in price depending on the service centre you take your vehicle to, and indeed the vehicle type itself, but what is included in the test does not – and cannot – vary, providing invaluable safety checks and measures which are key for the safety of the vehicle’s driver and other road users. Here, we explain a little more about the process of the MOT and what it entails.


What happens at the MOT?

During the MOT test, various aspects of the vehicle’s configuration and functionality will be tested to ensure it is in good condition and is safe to be driven on the roads.

What will be checked?

These checks as discussed above will include:

  • Vehicle identification number – must be permanently displayed and legible on all vehicles first used on or after 01/08/80
  • Registration plate – the condition, security, legibility and format of numbers/letters of your plate will be checked
  • Lights – checked for condition, operation, security and correct colour (headlights will also be tested to check aim is correct)
  • Steering and suspension – checked to ensure they are in good condition and operating correctly
  • Wipers and washers – must operate to give the driver clear views of the road
  • Windscreen – condition and driver’s view of the road
  • Horn – correct operation and type
  • Seatbelts – seatbelts must be checked for type, condition, operation and security, and all compulsory seatbelts must naturally be in place
  • Seats – all seats must be secure
  • Fuel system – there must be no leaks, with a fuel cap that correctly and securely seals
  • Exhaust emissions – vehicle must meet the emission standards appropriate for its age and fuel type
  • Exhaust system – must be complete, secure and have no leaks, with effective silencing
  • Vehicle structure – vehicle must be free from excessive corrosion or damage in certain areas, and must have no sharp edges
  • Doors – must be fully operational in opening and closing, with the latch securely in a closed position. Front doors should open from the inside and out.
  • Mirrors – checked for presence, condition and security
  • Wheels and tyres – checked for condition, security, tyre size and type, and tread depth. Any spare tyres will not be tested.
  • Brakes – tested for condition and operation, as well as using an efficiency test to check performance

Why do we have MOTs if other countries do not?

Some countries do not require vehicles to undergo MOT tests in order to be driven on the roads, such as the USA. However, in the UK it is imperative for vehicles over the age of three to have this test to allow them to be used on the roads.

How long does an MOT take?

For a complete MOT test to be carried out, it usually takes around 45 minutes.

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