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Major citroen car issues that you may face

Citroen cars are adored by the French car lovers. They are reliable; however, the high technology and innovations make the system complicated. The complexity can be challenging when looking for its repair and servicing. You may face issues with your Citroen, but you do not need to worry because French car specialists are the best when it comes to French cars.

Some of the major Citroen car issues are:

Faulty sensors:

If you notice that your AC is unable to maintain the desired temperature or temperature keeps on fluctuating, you need to get your sensors checked or replaced.

Speed control system faulty:

A malfunctioning battery or outdated software causes this message to pop up. Mostly, a software update fixes this fault.

Window wipers go wrong:

Sometimes, blades are loose, stop moving the way they should or do not clean properly. At French car specialists’ garage, we diagnose the problem and suggest a solution accordingly.

Difficulty opening the roof:

If the roof does not open fully and you need to press the button again and again, it needs to be checked by the professionals.

Boot problems:

Some of the Citroen models, usually after 4-5 years of their use, cause boot problems. A faulty micro switch is the reason if your boot does not open or close properly.

Cruise control failure:

Cruise control is a great help especially on a long drive. It let the driver relax their foot and makes the journey convenient. Cruise control might fail or get stuck. There can be a lot of reasons for it like a faulty vacuum, damaged switch and malfunctioning brakes or fuse.


French car specialists offer the services for a range of Citroen models from Citroen C1 to Citroen Berlingo Multispace. We also cover Citroen DS models 3, 4, and 5. We have 6 expert Citroen mechanics at our garage, so you can trust us with your French car!


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Happy driving!


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