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Car AC Service in Enfield

What if your car is moving smoothly but the journey is still unpleasant? We know it is a big turn-off. You need to make sure that your air conditioning system is completely functional. French car specialists have in-depth knowledge of all types of cars, specializing in French cars. It is a one-stop garage for all your car needs including car AC Service in Enfield.

Car AC system is prone to failure due to the frequent use or old age. Get your AC checked if:

  • Your AC is producing rattling noise
  • AC is giving off a weird smell
  • Your AC is not cooling anymore
  • Leaking fluid
  • Presence of moisture inside the car

Prevention is always better than cure. At French car specialists, we can help you if you are looking for prevention or a cure.

To maintain your AC system, just keep checking the functionality of AC regularly. Use the refrigerant according to manufacturer’s directions. Get your air conditioning system checked and serviced regularly and watch for any abnormalities or leaks in your system.

We can cure the problem by finding it out through a thorough analysis leading to servicing, repair or component replacement. We stock a range of AC parts for all makes and models.

  • AC fuse – supplies power to AC
  • Condenser – converts the refrigerant from vapor to high pressure liquid
  • Expansion valve – causes expansion by removing pressure from refrigerant
  • Evaporator – converts the refrigerant from liquid state to vapors
  • Compressor belt – compresses and transfers the refrigerant through car’s AC system
  • Accumulator – collects and stores refrigerant

Malfunctioning of any of these can cause disturbance. Get in touch with us to overcome all your car problems especially Car AC Service in Enfield. We have kept the whole procedure hassle free.

Give us a call or Drop us a message on our website and Facebook; our expert will help you with your query. We will try to diagnose the issue over the call. Sometimes, an electric diagnosis is required to accurately diagnose the problem. We will also educate you by explaining you the diagnosis in detail. Then, we will book your vehicle to be repaired on the day convenient for you. We will explain you the work completely. We will also show you the old parts replaced.

Do not wait and let’s begin the journey!

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