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Common exhaust system problems

A healthy exhaust system is one of the most important factors to determine a smooth driving experience. An exhaust system works as a detoxifier and a cleanser for your car’s engine. In addition, it works for reduced gas mileage. An exhaust system consists of a lot of components and if any one goes wrong, it starts malfunctioning. So, you need to pamper your exhaust system if you come across some common exhaust system problems. Therefore, bring your vehicle to French car specialists for its thorough diagnosis and repair.

Common exhaust system problems are

  • Noisy exhaust:

A break or crack in exhaust pipes creates strange noises or if your exhaust manifold gasket goes wrong, it may lead to exhaust leakages that will produce tapping sound. The sound is more prominent during a cold start or when you are driving your vehicle at high speeds.

  • Exhaust system leakage:

Driving on rough roads can really affect your exhaust system. Driving on the bumpy and shaky roads can crack the fragile areas of exhaust system such as joints. Hence, leakages occur through these cracks. Then, the leaked poisonous fumes make their way to passenger’s cabin.

  • Rust:

Our vehicle moves because of the combustion that occurs in the engine producing water vapors and carbon dioxide. So, when the water vapors are trapped in the exhaust system and never get burned off, they result in rust that corrodes the exhaust system.

  • Vibrating car:

If your steering wheel, pedal or the whole car vibrates, your exhaust system needs to be repaired. A vibrating car is very hard to handle, so do not ignore the vibrations and get it checked by experts.

  • Loose hanging exhaust pipes:

Hangers hold the exhaust pipes. However, driving on rough roads with bumps and potholes may loosen them or hangers may also degrade on their own. This leads to loose exhaust pipes causing dents, cracks and other damage.

At French car specialists, we cater all exhaust systems whether old or brand new. Although, our specialization is in french cars but we do cover all regardless of their make and model. Additionally, all our services are available at competitive rates. Get in touch with us if you think that your exhaust requires professional assistance.

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