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Tyres and fitting services in UK

Do you know why your car tyres need to be durable and healthy? If your legs are sore or hurting, would you be able to walk around peacefully? Just like that, tyres bear the harsh road conditions, and are a direct link between your car and road. Hence, tyres in good condition are crucial for a safe and smooth drive. So, do not compromise on tyres and get the best tyres and fitting services in UK at French car specialists garage.

What do we offer?

⦁ 4 x 4 tyres
⦁ Winter and Van tyres
⦁ Tyres for all road and weather conditions
⦁ Branded and Low cost tyres
⦁ Wheel balancing
⦁ Wheel alignment and tracking

Wheel balancing:
Your vehicle needs wheel balancing service if there is weight imbalance, mechanics remove it by placing the wheel on wheel balancing machine. Then, the machine spins the wheel, shifting the imbalance towards outer side. After this, technicians apply the pressure on opposite side to remove the imbalance. At French car specialists, we incorporate latest technology and equipment to treat vehicle issues.

Wheel alignment:
Uneven tyre wear is one of the worst problems with tyres, but it can be solved by wheel alignment machine and accurate calculations. The mechanics adjust different angles of the suspension while the wheels and axle are moved in one direction. Moreover, mechanics also inspect and center the steering wheel to avoid any misalignment.

Wheel tracking:
Wheel tracking is a process to set the wheels at optimum position according to manufacturer’s specifications. Hence, it prevents irregular tyre wear and mishandling of vehicle.

Our expert mechanics are on hand to offer prompt and efficient service. In addition to a huge stock of branded tyres, we also specialize in tyre services at highly competitive rates. Moreover, our in-depth knowledge and experience make our customers rely on us.
So, what are you waiting for? Visit our website to know more about us. We have all the service and contact details on our site. Give us a call to get your tyres fixed or request a call back by filling up the form on our website. Drop by our garage to experience an unparalleled tyres and fitting services because what we do is our passion!

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