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Suspension repair services in UK

Suspension system of a car is actually the most important supporting system that supports all that metal and body for years. Hence, suspension system is prone to damage or failure. In addition to giving a smooth ride, suspension system also plays the role for correct handling of vehicle. Therefore, suspension maintenance is as necessary as brake maintenance or oil changes. At French car specialists, we undertake all mechanical work with a specialized focus on French cars. If you are looking for suspension repair services in UK, this is the right place for you.

How does suspension system work?

Three components make up the suspension system primarily: shock absorbers, springs, struts. Shock absorbers, as the name says, work to keep the car from irregularities and shocks of road, like a pothole. They absorb the vertical energy from the tyres due to shocks and bumps of the road and let the car move smoothly. On the other hand, struts are the structural parts of the suspension system that hold the shocks in place and help keep the tyres going on road. Similarly, springs are a safe link between tyres and road. Three of them together ensure high performance and reduction in bouncing while driving.

Signs that you need suspension repair:

Rough rides:
If You feel each and every bump on the road and your ride is rough and bouncy, then your suspension really needs a thorough inspection. A worn out shock absorber or spring may be a reason of such symptoms.
Drifting or pulling to one side:
This is one of the most common signs of suspension problem. However, drifting can be due to some other reasons too like uneven tyre wear or poor alignment. So, only an expert can find the real culprit!
Abnormal leaning:
Your car may lean forward, backward or side-to-side while braking, cornering or during acceleration. This indicates bad struts or shocks.
Difficult steering:
Imagine a situation when your steering wheel is not moving properly especially at reduced speeds, an irritating and highly dangerous situation. So, stop being lazy and get it checked!
Car sits low on one corner:
A damaged spring – Yes! A damaged spring can’t support the weight that makes one corner sits low than the other. well, bad road conditions cause spring failures that should not be avoided at all.

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