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Top 5 Car Hacks for 2016

Life can be hard sometimes, unnecessarily so. Luckily, there are a tonne of hacks out there that can make things easier on you, loads of them relevant to your car and driving in general. This month we’ll be presenting you with our top 5 car hacks to help you get through the long, hard slog that is 2016.

1) Toothpaste for cleaning your car’s headlights

Although it may sound a little bit daft, using toothpaste to clean your car’s headlights actually works wonders for the tough stains and marks your headlights may suffer from. You’ll be amazed what a dab of toothpaste can do, and it’ll serve to improve your safety on the road at night as well.

2) Cushion your garage walls

Those skills you developed through playing countless games of Tetris throughout the years have never been better applied than when trying to organise your garage, but leaving enough space between your car door and the garage wall for you to squeeze seamlessly in and out of your car without scratching it isn’t exactly guaranteed even with your careful stacking and parking.

However, no longer will you have to worry about scraping your car door on the walls of your garage once you use our simple hack: bolt a foam tube to your wall where your door opens to when you park up. You can get a foam tube used in swimming pools pretty cheap online (sometimes they’re called pool noodles), and all you need to do is cut it in half and bolt it to the wall. Job done.

3) A tennis ball in the garage

OK, hear us out on this one. Have you ever found it hard to park your car in the garage without a second pair of eyes guiding you in to let you know if you’re going to hit the wall? If so, we have the hack for you.

For this hack you’ll need a tennis ball, some string, and a hook you can drill into the ceiling of your garage. Firstly you’ll need to tie the ball to the end of the string and then you’ll need to park your car up in the garage in the correct position. Then you’ll want to drill the hook into the ceiling exactly where it needs to be for you to hang the tennis ball from it to touch the middle of your windscreen.

Now whenever you park your car in the garage you’ll know when to stop before hitting the wall because the tennis ball will meet the middle of your windscreen!

4) Turn your cigarette lighter into a dual power point

Don’t fork out unnecessary cash buying multiple chargers to fit your car’s cigarette lighter for each of your devices when they are all charged via USB cable normally; instead you should invest in a dual USB port charger that fits in the lighter. This will prove less costly and all you’ll need to charge your phone or device will be your USB cable, and with the dual port capability your friend will be able to charge their phone too!

5) Fix scratches with nail polish

If you need to quickly mask scratches on your car in order to make a good impression and you can’t get to a professional body shop or garage, nail polish can be your new best friend. Touch up those unsightly scratches with a dab of as closely coloured nail polish as you can get to cover them up and help protect your car from the effects of rust until you can get the scratches fixed properly at a garage.

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