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5 Signs Your Car Needs a Service

Keeping your car fully serviced and in top form is the most assured way for you to guarantee that your car is safe to drive on the road, and jeopardising you, your passengers and other road users by not keeping your car serviced is an unnecessary risk none of us should be taking. That’s why this month we’ll be talking about just a number of signs that your car is in need of an immediate service to ensure that you know exactly what to look for, and that consequently you’re always safe when out on the road.


Flashing warning lights

The annoying blinking light on your dashboard isn’t just an annoying blinking light, it’s an important warning system that lets you know your car isn’t working properly! The warning light is connected to the computer system that monitors all the hundreds of intricate and indispensable features of your car, and while it may seem that your car is functioning perfectly when the warning light first starts flashing, falsely lulling you into a sense of security, we can assure you that there will be something wrong with your car that must be seen to. To ignore the warning signs is to put off the inevitable garage visit, exacerbating the problem, and rack up an expensive bill in the process.


There are few other telltale signs that your car is in need of a service more dramatic than smoke pluming out from under your bonnet. Though the reasons for your engine to start smoking are varied, we don’t doubt that you’ll realise immediately that it is a massive problem and should be treated as such. A service will help to identify and rectify the issue. The longer you leave it, the worse it’s likely to get.

Unusual noises

Familiarity with your car is essential in order to know whether or not it is running accordingly, and this familiarity extends to the noises that your car is making. Your car’s engine has a characteristic sound you will be well acquainted with, seeing as you constantly listen to it in order to know when to change gear. If anything sounds amiss with the engine, for instance if it’s making a noise you haven’t heard before, consult a mechanic right away.

More telling signs that your car is in trouble may come from the sound of metal scraping on the tarmac, and the reasons for this could include loose parts of your engine dangling under your car. Ignoring the issue will make it worse, so see to it that you book your car in for a service.

Leaking problems

Your car is expertly designed to ensure that it effectively and efficiently utilises the materials in it and doesn’t leak them everywhere, at least causing your bills to rocket if you have to constantly replace them and at worst endangering the occupants of your vehicle as well as those who share the road with you. Some air conditioned cars may expel water, but this is about the only exception. A car that is leaking is a faulty one, and this problem must be addressed.

Steering problems

If you’re having trouble with your steering then your car is not safe to drive and should be serviced immediately. The causes for problems here could stem from a multitude of sources, including problems occurring with your brakes, but no matter the source of the problem, if you can’t steer properly you are in danger of crashing as you are not in full control of your vehicle. Book your car in for a service right away.

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