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How Can I Tell When My Exhaust Needs Replacing?

Your exhaust is an indispensable component of your vehicle, responsible for dampening the noise from your engine and directing noxious fumes generated via combustion away from people. In addition, it also ensures that maximum fuel efficiency is achieved, that the engine runs smoothly and that the amount of harmful emissions is reduced.

However, your exhaust won’t last forever. Knowing whether or not your exhaust is on the way out is essential to the continued health of your vehicle, so in this month’s article we’ll be showing how you can tell when your exhaust needs replacing.


Noise Checks

We all unconsciously listen to our engines while driving, mostly to know when to change gear, though this isn’t all you should listen to your engine for. If your engine begins making odd noises, it could be a sign of trouble with your vehicle and, specifically, its exhaust. An odd, low rumbling noise coming from the engine is a telltale sign of exhaust troubles.

Alternatively, if you find yourself having to consistently turn the volume up on your stereo system to hear it over the engine whereas you didn’t have to before, exhaust trouble could be the culprit. Whenever your engine starts making unfamiliar noises, immediately book your vehicle into a garage for a service.

Visual Checks

On top of listening out for changes in sounds coming from your exhaust, you should also regularly check under your vehicle to see what the physical condition of your exhaust is. Keep an eye out for rust on your exhaust and check the underside of your vehicle for scrapes from speed bumps. Leaving rust or scrapes unattended can lead to serious declines in your vehicle’s health. If you notice any rust or wear on your exhaust, consider taking your vehicle into a garage.

Fuel Efficiency

Another thing that is a potential indicator for exhaust trouble is a sharp drop in fuel efficiency. If you find that you’re not getting as many miles from your tank and that you’re having to refill it far more often but you haven’t changed driving behaviour, your exhaust may not be doing its job properly. A leak from your exhaust will see your engine having to work harder to perform to the same degree as it once did. This burns more fuel, so your vehicle’s fuel efficiency plummets.

Increased Emissions

Your exhaust also filters out some of the more harmful emissions from the gas byproducts your engine produces before expelling them into the atmosphere. If your exhaust is failing to filter emissions properly, you’ll fail your MOT and the problem will have to be rectified.

Although you can’t expect to know yourself if your exhaust is failing to filter engine emissions properly, you can work to curb this issue by having your vehicle serviced regularly.


A leak in an exhaust is a disastrous fault with your engine that you need to keep an eye out for. With a leak, you may feel vibrations whenever you use the pedals you didn’t feel before, or hear a low rumbling noise if there is a larger hole in the exhaust. Aside from noting this, you should also keep a lookout for liquid pools forming under your vehicle.

If you’re having trouble with your exhaust, be sure to visit the experts here at Citroen-Peugeot Specialists Ltd. We offer professional, high quality repair services, MOTs and car services at an affordable price for those in the North London area from our centrally located garage in Finchley. From exhaust repairs to air conditioning, tyre fittings to wheel balancing, you can rely on us to get the job done. To book your vehicle in with us, contact our friendly team today.

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