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Car is composed of hundreds of parts, and each one of them needs to be perfectly functional for a pleasant driving experience. However, car parts are susceptible to damage because of a number of reasons such as: driving habits, long intervals between servicing, low maintenance, and unfavourable external conditions. Car part repair at initial stage, in case of malfunctioning, saves you the high costs and damage. Therefore, do not risk your life, and get the best service of car parts repair in Finchley at French car specialists.

Car repairs at French car specialists:

We cover all car makes and models professionally, although our area of expertise is French cars. Our expert technicians provide the complete servicing and repairs of the following car parts.

  • Clutch:

Clutch performs the role of transferring power from vehicle’s engine to transmission system. You need clutch for shifting gears, smooth ride, and gradual stops without jerks. Hence, clutch is one of the most frequently used car parts. The clutch problems such as: slipping or sticking clutch arise from the mechanical clutch faults that require expert treatment.

  • Brakes:

Who doesn’t know the importance of brakes? They are the most important safety features of a car. Imagine driving with failing brakes and not being able to stop or slow down when needed, horrible, isn’t it? So, take care of your brakes’ health and look for the signs like : leaks, wear and tear, spongy pedal, vibrations, bouncing and burning smell.

  • Exhaust:

Exhaust system channels out the waste gases after reducing their toxicity. This, consequently, prevents the choking and break-down of engine. So, healthy exhaust system is necessary for a healthy engine. If you find your engine making noise, producing burning smell, and a decrease in fuel efficiency, then it is likely to be an exhaust problem.

What to do?

At French car specialists, we do not only repair these parts but also provide the replacement with high-quality branded parts.Whatever your problem is, you can be sure that French Car Specialists have the answer — from clutches to brake pads, steering columns to electrics, with all fitting and repairs offered at highly competitive rates.

Visit our website to know more about us. We have all the service and contact details at our site. If you have any query, give us a call or request a call back. Furthermore, do not forget to join our Facebook page for latest updates, and check out the reviews! Drop by our garage for expert advice and repairs.

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