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Citroen diagnostics service in UK

Citroen cars are high-quality durable cars that have  huge fan base throughout the world. However, with the passage of time, there are some common faults that may arise with Citroen cars. Although we cater all makes and models, our area of expertise is French cars. At French car specialists garage, we offer diagnostics and full-fledged service for French car models with professional expertise. So, get the best Citroen diagnostics service in UK if you are not sure where your car is going wrong.

Commonly diagnosed Citroen problems and Solutions:

  • Transmission issues:

Over the years we have encountered transmission issues with Citroen C2 and C3. This fault mainly occurs due to the demise of clutch or a problem with clutch actuator. Transmission system is one of the most significant systems of a car that transfers the energy from engine to driveshaft and rear wheels.

Replacement of the clutch actuator along with the clutch costs a hand and a leg to customers. Moreover, it requires expertise that is not very commonly available in case of French cars. At our garage, we try the best to provide a service at affordable prices, and our specialized experts for French cars never fail to satisfy the customers!

  • Rear air suspension faults:

This fault affects the functioning of suspension system, and it happens due to the failure of air bags which support and lift a car. Now, most of the times at garages, technicians replace the air bags but that is not a solution, leading to the recurrence of the fault. Therefore, we recommend the replacement of air bags along with air compressor  to rule out the problem. Moreover, we have come up with a proven successful long-term solution that is also fully reversible and much cheaper than air bag and compressor replacement.

  • Water damage:

We have found out water damage in most of the Citroen C3 Picasso cars. The only solution is to get a new fuse box and repair of rotten wires. At our garage, we have a stock of perfect wires that we obtain from the looms of cars that get scrapped. Furthermore, the experts at our garage graft these wires into the loom of our customer’s car professionally.

What to do for Citroen diagnostics service in UK?

So, what are you waiting for now? We are just a call away. Call us on our number or request a call back by visiting our website. There are the complete contact and service details on our website. Do not forget to join our Facebook page for latest updates and offers. If you want your Citroen back on road as soon as possible, then bring it to our garage. We promise you an unparalleled and friendly service!

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