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How to Balance the Car Wheel

To ensure the weight of the wheel and tyre is even around the axle, it is important to perform wheel balancing on your vehicle. This process is easy given the right knowledge and technique, and prevents a variety of problems from developing with your car.

Wheel balancing

What exactly is wheel balancing?

Using a wheel balancing machine, technicians can recognise minute differences in weight around a wheel, and subsequently use tiny offsetting weights at relevant points around the wheel.

How to tell if your wheels are out of balance

One way of telling if your tyres are out of balance is that they will have noticeably uneven wear. Further to this, vibrations may be felt and even heard when travelling at speeds higher than 50 mph. This will be felt even more severely if it is the front tyres that are imbalanced.

When does my vehicle need wheel balancing

It is crucial to balance wheels when they are first mounted onto their axles with a new tyre, but indeed the moment newly balanced wheels are driven on the road, they will begin to get out of balance again straight away. Over time, corners and uneven surfaces will lead to wheels becoming unbalanced once again, which is why it is important to ensure that wheels are balanced regularly.

Why is it important to balance wheels

Vehicle owners may feel like there is a neverending list of maintenance work to keep up to date with, but wheel balancing should be high up on the list of priorities and not forgotten about or pushed back. If wheels are not balanced regularly, the following problems can occur:

  • Undue pressure can be put on treads, wearing tyres out quickly and costing vehicle owners more as they frequently replace tyres.
  • Tyres can get too hot, causing them to wear unevenly and making the drive of a vehicle unsafe.
  • An imbalance in your tyres can also strain wheel bearings and the suspension system of a car.

How to get wheels balanced

To get wheels balanced, go to your local garage and arrange for this to be done to your vehicle. At Citroen-Peugeot Specialists Ltd, we have a wealth of experience in providing full wheel balancing and tracking work as part of our extensive service.

At Citroen-Peugeot Specialists, we have state of the art wheel balancing machines that will resolve your vehicle’s wheel imbalance, providing you with total peace of mind on the road. For more information, or to organise wheel balancing for your car, get in touch with our friendly team of experts today.

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