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Winter is Here! Tips for Driving in the Snow

The hazardous road conditions in the winter have caused countless fatalities and injuries over the years, and no matter your driving ability, slippery and wet conditions, as well as forceful winds, make the roads much more perilous this time of year. Before you set out in bad weather, follow Citroen-Peugeot Specialists’ top tips for driving in the snow.


Before you set out

Taking the time to check the conditions of the road and your car before you set out driving in snow or icy conditions can be the difference between a serious road collision and making it to your destination safely. Even simple checks make a big difference, so ensure to follow the procedure below.

  • Check you have your emergency breakdown kit packed up so you can be prepared for if your car was to breakdown. If you haven’t got yours together yet, take a look at our guide on what to include
  • Check the weather forecast – knowing what kind of driving conditions you will be facing will help you prepare for the drive
  • Check the treads on your tyres have good enough grip. If you live in a particularly snowy area, it might be best to swap your tyres for winter tyres, or to attach snow chains
  • Set off earlier – allowing for more time to reach your destination will allow you to drive carefully and slowly
  • Clear your car completely of snow, otherwise any sharp breaks or turns could knock the snow onto your windscreen and obstruct your view

Driving tips

Driving in bad conditions requires a closer awareness of surroundings than driving in normal conditions, and we are all guilty of becoming complacent drivers after years of practice, so now is the time to be extra vigilant and give the roads your full attention. The following simple tips will allow you to drive in a careful manner and reduce the risk of accidents:

  • Accelerate gently and change to a higher gear as soon as possible to give yourself more control over the car
  • Leave much more space between you and the car in front than you normally would as ice drastically increases stopping distances
  • If your car is to skid, avoid stomping down on the breaks as this will give you even less control over the vehicle, instead steer gently into the skid and keep your hands on the wheel
  • Avoid driving in the wheel tracks of other vehicles as compressed snow is more icy than fresh snow
  • Reduce speed  

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