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Wheel Balancing in Highgate, N6

Wheels, due to their mechanical advantage, keep the car running on road. Moreover, perfect wheels ensure smoothness and safety. They, therefore, should be in first class condition to perform their role perfectly. At french car specialists, we are offering wheel balancing in Highgate at the most competitive prices. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch today!

Why is wheel balancing important?

In simple words, wheels lose balance over time so wheel balancing is important. There are a number of factors that may play part in unbalancing the wheels. Firstly, tread wear causes unevenness by disturbing the weight all around the wheel. Secondly, harsh or unusual road conditions can also disturb the wheel balance. Thirdly, the age of wheels or car can be the main culprit!

Signs of unbalanced tyres:

  •  The most common sign of unbalanced tyres is the vibrations that you may feel in your car floor, seat or steering. Moreover, these vibrations increase with the speed that may be quite uncomfortable while driving.
  • At higher speeds, a humming or buzzing noise may accompany the vibrations in case of unbalanced tyres.
  • Unusual wear pattern, especially along the edges, leads to imbalance. So, keep checking your tyres for uneven tread. This may lead to flattening or thinning of tyres to the point of rupture while driving.
  • The worst part of having unbalanced wheels, that you would never like, is the bad fuel economy. Engine has to work really hard to overcome the resistance created by unbalanced tyres, leading to the increased usage of fuel. Therefore, keep a track of your vehicle’s fuel consumption to indicate the problem at initial stage.

At French car specialists garage, with over 37 years of dedicated service, our combination of detailed knowledge and genuine passion for the industry has led to us building a large and loyal customer base. Moreover, we continue to provide the highest standard of work with prompt turnaround times to all.
Visit our website to learn more about us. Check out the service and contact details on the site. Give us a call at 02083611827 if you have any query regarding our wheel balancing in Highgate or request a call back; we respond our visitors promptly. Visit our garage for the service or we can pick your car from your place and deliver it back to you as soon as possible!

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