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Warning signs that car battery needs to be fixed

A battery is your car’s powerhouse and its heart and soul. Imagine yourself starving and powerless. You will not be able to wind up your work or fulfill all your commitments for the day! The same is true for car battery; your car will not function properly without a healthy battery leading to a break-down eventually. Therefore, check your car battery frequently for warning signs and get it fixed as soon as you can!

How does a car battery work?

Car batteries carry out the two important functions: providing the energy at the start and maintaining the energy to keep the engine working smoothly. Batteries store energy in form of chemical energy. Firstly, they convert this chemical energy into electrical energy and delivers this to power your car. Then, they stabilize the voltage for proper functioning of the engine.

Warning signs that car battery needs to be fixed:

  • Slow engine:
    Engine takes longer than usual to start especially when you try to start the car after a long gap. Moreover, the engine starts working with strange sounds.
  • Bloated battery:
    If your battery seems bloated and swelled, this indicates a malfunctioning battery. The main reason for such bloating can be over-heating that decreases the battery life immensely.
  • Rotten egg smell:
    Excessive leaking from battery causes corrosion around the ports where cables are connected to battery. Hence, this junk and corrosion can lead to a pungent and stinking smell.
  • Low battery fluid:
    Do keep an eye on battery fluid! If the level is low, there is something wrong with the battery. Therefore, get your battery and charging system checked if fluid level reaches below the lead plates.
  • Battery is old:
    Average life of batteries is between 3 to 5 years, but it varies depending upon the driving habits and other factors. However, there is a chance of your battery surviving for longer than 3 years, but it needs to be inspected on yearly basis for a long life of battery.

Take care of your battery because weak and faulty batteries are one of the most common reasons for break-downs. At French car specialists, our experts make sure to find out the problem with your battery through a thorough analysis and treat the problem accordingly.

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