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Tyre Services in Crouch End

Shaky steering or faulty tyres can ruin an amazing journey. Often a time, you might have overlooked or ignored such problems because the hassle of servicing and high prices is a headache for you! You do not need to have unsteady drives anymore. French car specialists provide hassle – free Tyre services in Crouch End, Finchley and rest of the UK at prices as affordable as it can get.

French car specialists have been in the industry for 34 years. We have the experience with all car types, specializing in French cars. We have a range of tyres and wheels with a particular focus on French models.

Our tyres stock includes the most popular tyre choices:

  • 4 x 4 tyres

These are one of the most widely used tyres as they are designed for both off-road and on-road usage and are highly durable.

  • Van tyres

These tyres are designed to carry load and to bear tough conditions. They are great if your business relies on van. Get your business stay on roads for longer!

  • Winter tyres

They are designed to provide a smooth driving experience on snow and ice. As the winters arrive, their demand rises.

You can make a choice depending upon the weather, terrain and make of your car. Our tyre-pressure monitor software is the hot favorite! And what if it comes with great offers? What else you can ask for? Maintaining the tyre pressure is crucial for fuel efficiency and safety of your vehicle, so get it checked!

  • Wheel balancing and tracking is another factor that adds to your vehicle’s life.

If it is getting hard for you to turn the steering, if it vibrates, if it slips or produces grinding noises, then come to us! We have the perfect solution for you. We believe in adapting to the latest technology. Our up-to-date wheel balancing machine automatically calculates the level of imbalance, helping our experts to rectify the problem.

Getting in touch with us is as simple as it can get. Go to our website or visit our Facebook  and request a call from us. You may also give us a call. Drop by our well-equipped garage for an electronic diagnostic and  Tyre services in Crouch End and surrounding areas. We are looking forward to welcoming you at our garage.

Happy driving!

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