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Signs that clutch needs to be repaired

Clutch is one of the most important parts of your car — you will not be able to change between the gears or drive smoothly without clutch. Moreover, clutch enables your vehicle to stop while the engine is still running. So, take a great care of your clutch and look out for the signs that clutch needs to be repaired.

How does the clutch work?

Clutch consists of 3 main parts: clutch plate, pressure plate and fly wheel – flywheel connects to engine and clutch plate connects to transmission. The clutch works because of friction. First of all, engine and gear box disconnects when the driver engages the clutch, so gears can be changed easily. Then, the clutch release bearing is pushed when the driver disengages the clutch – the diaphragm spring and pressure plate pulls away from clutch disc resulting in no torque transmission from engine to gear box.

Signs that clutch needs to be repaired:

Slipping occurs when there is a loss of friction. The friction surface wears off the friction plate with the passage of time.You may feel this slipping during any phase of driving especially when the car is in higher gear.
Hard clutch:
If it takes a lot of effort to depress the clutch, it indicates a hard clutch. There are variety of reasons for hard clutch: worn-out seals, leakages and faulty hydraulic system.
Rumbling sound:
If you hear grinding or rumbling sounds when you depress the clutch, then the clutch is worn out. However, you may also hear such sounds from engine block that indicates worn bearings.
Difficulty changing the gears:
It can be very hard to change between the gears if you have clutch problem. So, do not risk your safety and check the clutch!

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