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Repairing and Service of French car in UK

Ever missed an interview? or a flight? only because of your car breakdown. If you are a car owner, you may have to face inconvenience when your car parts go wrong. Whatever the problem is, French car specialists have the solution. We are pro at repairing and service of French car in UK and also cater for all other models and makes.

“Passion breeds the power to struggle”

If you own a French car, you must know the level of expertise required for its servicing and fixing. The owners of French car specialists, Andy Loizou and Vincent Dubois, are car enthusiast and passionate professionals winning and retaining a huge number of customers. They can never fail you!

Our services are available throughout Finchley and North London with an extensive stock of exhaust systems, car brakes and car clutches. We deliver quality with friendly and efficient approach at competitive rates. Do not miss out on us!

You need to visit French Car Specialists for professional assistance if:

Car exhaust:

  • has got rust and build up of corrosive acid
  • has rattling or hissing noise due to the misalignment
  • has clogged silencers
  • cracked pipes
  • smoking car
  • and if you usually drive on bumpy roads
  • is one year old as car parts do not last forever
  • inefficient car performance


Car brakes:

  • produce grinding noises
  • has spongy feel
  • lack of control
  • soft brake pedal
  • strong bouncing with braking
  • car shaking when brakes applied
  • internal or external cylinder leaks

Car clutches:

  • produce rattling noise
  • hard clutch
  • vibrating pedals
  • difficulty reversing car or applying gear
  • slipping clutch – when clutch slips while keeping the car from jerking. More slipping causes more friction making the clutch hotter and grip harder.


Get high diagnostics on brakes, clutches and exhaust systems to sort out any problem. The 34 years experience and a chain of loyal customers speak of our passion and determination.

Visit our website or Facebook Page to stay updated with latest offers and services. FAQ section has a lot to clear your ambiguities. Reach us at our number for Repairing and Service of French car in UK or drop by our fully equipped garage.

Drive safe!


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