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Peugeot repair in North London, N12 0SH

Do you own a French car and looking for a specialized garage? One of the most compact and attractive French cars is Peugeot. However, there are some common issues that may arise to trouble the car owners. We, at French car specialists garage, offer an unparalleled level of diagnostics and Peugeot repair in North London.

What may go wrong with your Peugeot?

  • Cam belt problems:

Noisy cam belt is quite common in Peugeot models 308, 207, 208, 3008. Cam belt repair and replacement can be expensive. However, fixing it at initial stages will cut the costs, requiring only the tensioner replacement. Moreover, misaligned camshafts affect the overall driving experience especially at higher speeds.

  • Water damage:

Another problem is water damage in fuse box that affects the multiplug wires. The only solution is to replace the fuse box, but the harder job is to repair the rotten wires. We, therefore, extract the perfect wires from cars that get scrapped and use them for multiplug.

  • Cooling fans:

Cooling fan faults occur due to negligence with spark plugs. If they are not treated on time, the problem worsens and only replacing the plugs will be the last resort. However, car owners usually avoid treating the plugs due to high costs.

  • Hybrid alternator breakdown:

The severity of issue and the amount of time problem alternator remained unchecked determine whether the fault will be repaired or replacement will be required. We try our best to rectify the problem within your budget.

Peugeot repair in North London at French car specialists garage:

Car enthusiasts own and run this garage. We, at French car specialists garage, provide repair and servicing for all vehicles regardless of the make and model. However, we specialize in dealing with French cars. We have won a huge customer base all over London through word-of-mouth, because we have an extensive experience with French cars.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit our website to know more about us. Checkout the service and contact details on the website. Give us a call at 02083611827 if you are looking for Peugeot repair in North London. You may also request a call back; we try to be as responsive as possible. Drop by our garage to get your car back on road!

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