French Cars Specialists

Peugeot Repair and Servicing in Finchley, North London, N12 0SH.

As one of the leading experts in the area, French Car Specialists offer the highest standard of repairs and servicing on all Peugeot models. From our garage in Finchley, North London, we are perfectly located to serve customers throughout the capital. We offer first rate work on all tyresbrakesexhausts, air conditioning, wheel balancing and trackingclutches, hydraulic suspension and bodywork. Despite being the largest Europe-based car maker, in recent years Peugeot have closed many of their UK garages. Making our dedicated service all the more specialist.

Our detailed knowledge of the brand makes us the ideal solution to all your Peugeot servicing needs. Moreover, our ability to perform all work in a prompt and thorough manner has given us a large customer base. Our customers continue to choose us for industry standard servicing. With over 34 years in the business, French Car Specialists have the experience and versatility to take care of all problems. Hence, give us a call or drop by our garage today for expert advice from our team of professionals.

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