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MOT Test in Southgate

MOT Test in Southgate – N14

31st August 2023

Amidst the mechanical symphony of engines and the rhythm of tyres, the MOT test stands as a guardian of roadworthiness and vehicular safety. It checks the performance of every vehicle annually, ensuring they play their part flawlessly on the grand...Continue reading

mot testing service in finchley

MOT Testing Service in Finchley – N12

28th February 2021

French car specialists garage, as the name says, is a specialist service centre for French cars: Peugeot, Renault and Citroen. However, we also offer services for other makes and models, with no compromise on quality. We carry out reliable MOT...Continue reading

History Of The MOT

12th November 2018

  History of the MOT timeline The MOT test is designed to examine a vehicle to ensure it is safe, roadworthy and meets exhaust emission standards. In the UK, an MOT is required annually for all vehicles over three years...Continue reading

5 Tips to Help Avoid Breakdowns This Winter

25th November 2016

Winter makes life harder for everything; sniffles become rife, it gets darker earlier and energy bills skyrocket, but that’s to say nothing of the problems your car faces during the big chill. Colder weather puts greater strain on your vehicle,...Continue reading

How Your Car Battery Works

29th March 2016

The battery of a car is vital for the safe functioning of any vehicle, but unfortunately, most car owners tend to take their battery for granted - or rather, don’t think about the condition or upkeep of their battery until...Continue reading

A Guide to MOTs

26th May 2015

The Ministry of Transport (MOT) tests are carried out annually on vehicles that are 3 years old or more. The test itself may vary in price depending on the service centre you take your vehicle to, and indeed the vehicle...Continue reading