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French Cars Wheel Tracking in North Circular Road, N12 0SH

We are located at the London North Circular Road. We have fully equipped garage with latest diagnostic and repair technology.  Our dedicated engineers are passionate about french cars. Technicians at French Car Specialists are fully qualified and trained to repair and provide services to your car. Our engineers use latest technology for diagnosis and repair of your car. Therefore, we make sure your car gets back on the road in no time. Our services cater all types of french car needs, therefore we have extensive range of repair services. One of our major services include french cars wheel tracking in North Circular Road, N12 0SH.

Wheel alignment, wheel balancing and wheel tracking is part of our wide range of expert services. Our qualified technicians perform full wheel balancing and tracking services on all makes and models of French Cars. Our expert technicians are specifically trained for Peugeot, Renault and  Citroen services. However, our technicians can also provide wheel balancing and tracking servicing on any car, of any make or model.


We provide swift and reliable services which is why we have strong and growing customer base. Our customers repeatedly choose us for all their car requirements and needs. Moreover, we have even seen children’s of our customers coming up to us for repair and services of their cars.

We have in depth and complete knowledge about the industry which is why we provide reliable services to satisfy our customers. Incorrect wheel alignment leads towards irregular tyre, suspension wear and steering. In addition, it also affects the handling of vehicle. In fact, your steering wheel can start shaking above a certain speed level. Therefore, our skilled technicians ensure that your car is in right hands. We use latest technology to diagnose the issue with your vehicle.

Our up to date equipment immediately detect the level of imbalance; which is why our mechanics perform swift turnouts to our customers. Hence, get in touch with our friendly customer service to book an appointment; or drop by our garage to get french cars wheel tracking. Meanwhile, follow our Facebook page to get instead updates and insight.

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