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Electric Car Service in Finchley, N12

Do you own an electric car? Well, electric cars possess a number of features that are making them quite popular. Hence, there is a shift in the interests of car enthusiasts towards electric cars. They are cheaper to maintain and much better for environment. However, people face difficulty when finding a mechanic. At French car specialists garage, we have expert technicians to deal with electric cars. So, get in touch with us for electric car service in Finchley!

Common electric car faults:

  • Battery issues: The most crucial part of an electric car is its battery that is no less than a regular car’s engine in terms of value. Moreover, it is also the most expensive and the heaviest when it comes to electric cars. It may show unusual behavior when not taken care of. Therefore, avoid leaving it to sit in hot or cold temperatures for too long, less charging leading to completely dead battery, or over charging.
  • Tyre problems: Electric cars have heavy footing and battery. These cars, therefore, exert heavy pressure and torque on the wheels. So, keep checking your tyre rotation and bring it to us if you observe any abnormality.
  • Brake system corrosion: Brake fluid needs to be flushed regularly to prevent corrosion. Although electric cars use regenerative braking, they use normal brake discs and pads.

Electric car service at French car specialists garage:

There are a number of elements within the HEV car that are different from regular cars. Hence, these cars require specialist knowledge and training to maintain and work on. Our mechanics are trained and certified to work with:

  1. high voltage systems
  2. hybrid engines
  3. electrical motors
  4. power inverter systems
  5. energy/hardware systems
  6. electric control propulsion sensing systems
  7. battery regeneration braking systems, and other specific elements.

At French car specialists garage we offer:

  • MOT for your hybrid car at competitive rates
  • Advanced diagnostics to indicate any hidden problem
  • Regular servicing: brake fluid service, coolant service etc.
  • Modification, repairs and replacements of car parts
  • Body work

Visit our website to learn more about us. Check out the service and contact details. Give us a call at 02083611827 if you have any query regarding electric car service in Finchley. You may also request a call back; we respond our visitors promptly. Drop by our garage or let us collect your vehicle from your doorstep!

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