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Common Driving Errors That Cause Damage To Your Vehicle

The way in which you drive can directly affect the upkeep and lifespan of your vehicle. There are many driving habits that can be easy to slip into which, although seemingly harmless, can contribute to the untimely demise of various components of your car. The running costs of a car are far from cheap these days, so to ensure that you aren’t unwittingly wearing down parts with your driving style, it is important to identify and update bad habits. Doing so can be a savvy way to save time and money on preventable repairs. Let’s take a look at some common damaging driving errors which should be avoided for the good of your car.

Misusing brakes

Brake pads are a component of a car which can wear down very quickly when misused. If you are travelling along comfortably without the need to slow down, keep your foot away from the brake pedal. Tapping away at your brake unnecessarily will cause the brake pads to wear down prematurely. What’s more, this can send confusing signals to other road users with blinking rear brake lights.

Another brake-related faux pas is to rely too heavily on the brake pedal instead of using your parking brake. If you come to a stop on any sort of incline or expect to be stopped for a fair amount of time, use your parking brake. Using your foot brake excessively in instances such as these can be wearing on several parts, including brakes, the clutch and transmission.

Riding the clutch

Similarly to tapping away at the brake pedal, riding the clutch is another wearing habit for your car. If you rest your foot on the clutch whilst driving, keeping it partially engaged, then you are creating unnecessary pressure and friction at the clutch plate. To avoid quickly wearing your clutch, be sure to keep your foot off the pedal unless you’re changing gear.

Hitting potholes, speed bumps or the kerb

Hitting potholes, the kerb and even speed bumps can cause damage to your vehicle if you’re not careful. Particularly when travelling at speed, hitting any obstacle can be jolting and damaging to your vehicle. Your suspension and tyres can be dealt serious damage if you hit such obstacles. Try and avoid hitting and potholes and mounting the kerb whenever possible to preserve your parts.

Overloading your vehicle

Overloading your vehicle puts strain on various parts of a car. Whereas additional weight is sometimes necessary – for example, if your car is packed up for a holiday – driving around with weighty items when you don’t need them should be avoided. Not only can an overloaded vehicle cause damage, it can also make driving less safe by increasing your stopping times. Keeping your car as light as possible will reduce the pressure on your suspension, tyres and brakes, amongst others.

Ignoring fluid levels

Keeping your fluid levels topped up will ensure that everything in your car works safely and at the optimal level. Your car’s fluids require periodic replacement or topping up to keep everything running properly and prevent wear or damage. For example, oil keeps your engine lubricated and working smoothly, and radiator fluid prevents your engine from overheating and failing. If you don’t keep an eye on fluid levels, you run the risk of serious, but easily preventable, problems occurring.

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