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Car exhausts

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Car exhausts

As a part of our extensive repairs provision throughout Finchley and North London, we carry out first rate repairs and fitting on all car exhausts system. We cater all car exhausts whether old or brand new. Although we have a specialized focus on French cars, we are equipped and qualified to offer these services on all makes and models. Moreover, we provide high quality services all at highly competitive rates. There are many indicators that you require professional repairs on your exhaust. For example, silencers (known as ‘mufflers’ in the US) often suffer from a build-up of corrosive acid that can be damaging to the system. Furthermore, if you hear a rattling or hissing noise, it could mean that your exhaust has become misaligned. Other than that, there can be a crack in the pipe. So if you think that your exhaust may require professional assistance. Get in touch or drop by the garage today to speak to a member of our friendly and helpful team. Meanwhile, visit our Facebook page for more information.

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