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Car Faults on Peugeot Cars

All cars are susceptible to faults somewhere along the line, but it is always worth knowing whether a brand of car you are buying has any recurring faults that can be looked out for. Here, the most common faults in Peugeot’s are discussed, based on reports from owners of these vehicles around the world. Though not damning issues, these faults are worth noting when considering which Peugeot model to purchase or hire.


Automatic gearbox fault (all models with GL4 gearbox)

All Peugeot models with the GL4 gearbox are affected by this fault, requiring a modified electro valve which also needs reprogramming. This fault is a serious issue, which should not be left as it can cause further problems down the line.

Intermittent starting (Peugeot 307)

Some Peugeot 307 owners have reported a fault related to their vehicle’s starting function. Intermittent starting has led to customers being left high and dry on occasion, unable to start their cars or taking an unnecessarily long time to do so. This is another fault that clearly cannot be ignored if you want to be able to rely upon your vehicle to be ready to use whenever you need it.

Cutting out fault (Peugeot 407)

Similarly to the failure to start, the issue of cutting out has disturbed the function of many Peugeot 407 models, leading owners of this vehicle to be unable to be fully reliant upon their vehicles.

Convertible roof fault (Peugeot 207/208cc)

Various Peugeot 207/208cc owners have reported issues with their convertible roofs, stating that in instances where the battery in their car has not been used for a while or is not in top condition, their roofs have failed to open or close fully, leaving the car susceptible to damage and leaks.

These faults, along with various others, are unfortunate mishaps which do not tarnish the fantastic reputation of Peugeot as a brand. However, without the necessary expertise these mishaps and faults could lead to further problems for vehicles and their owners which could be costly in the long run, as well as a concern for safety of drivers and passengers alike.

Citroen – Peugeot Specialists are one of the leading experts in the repair and servicing of Peugeot models throughout London. If your Peugeot is experiencing any problems such as the ones discussed here, bring your car in and let us put it back on the road in a safe and functional condition. Simply get in touch with our friendly team of experts today – we’re happy to help with any enquiry.

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