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5 Signs Your Car Brakes Need Repairing

Your car’s brakes play an essential role in your safety on the road which is why it is vital they are kept in good working condition. Having well-maintained brakes ensures that you are suitably equipped to quickly and effectively respond to dangers on the road and, hopefully, prevent any potential accidents from occurring. It is, therefore, important to be able to identify when your brakes are in need of work or professional attention. In this article, we’ll highlight some of the key telltale signs your brakes are in need of repair.


Squealing sounds

One of the biggest indicators that you have brakes which need some attention is unusual sounds coming from your brakes when they’re operated. Your brakes have a mechanism incorporated into the system which creates a shrill squealing sound when your brake pads are getting worn down. This is an effective way to alert you to the fact your brake pads need replacing, so if you hear squealing when applying your brakes, don’t ignore it. Take your car to a mechanic who will deal with the problem before it escalates.  

Grinding sounds

If you missed the squealing sounds, you may end up noticing a more worrying, metallic grinding noise emanating from your brakes when they are applied. This is a sign you have completely worn away your brake pads and now the metal part of the calipers are grinding against the metal of the rotors. If you notice this sound, you should get to a garage immediately as your brakes are in a poor state and will begin to damage your rotors. This can quickly turn a simple brake pad replacement into extensive, costly brake work being necessary.


If you feel vibrations or shaking from the brake pedal when you try to brake, this is a signal that you have problems in need of repairing. This rough braking is likely a sign of warped rotors – the part of the wheel your brake pads contact to slow your momentum. Warped rotors can really reduce the effectiveness of braking and, therefore, they should be dealt with quickly. Your rotors can become warped after being put under strain for extended periods of time and, should this occur, you should quickly take your car to a garage to rectify this problem.


If your car pulls to one side when braking, this can be an indication of several underlying problems with your brake system. These could include a stuck caliper, unevenly worn brake pads, a collapsed brake hose or impurities in your brake fluid. To establish exactly what’s causing your brake issues, take your car to a garage so they can troubleshoot and solve the problem for you.

Soft brake pedal

A spongy, somewhat unresponsive brake pedal that requires you to push down further than should be necessary is a sign repairs are needed. Whilst this could just be the result of worn down brake pads, it is also possible that a brake pedal with reduced responsiveness could be due to a leakage in your braking system. This could be either an air leak or a brake fluid leak. Brakes which aren’t fully functioning should be examined and repaired by a qualified mechanic as their reduced effectiveness can greatly increase the risk of accidents.

If you notice any of these warning signs in your own car, take your vehicle to Citroen Peugeot Specialists for a reliable, high quality repair. Our team comprises of fully qualified, knowledgeable mechanics who can carry out repairs, replacements, MOTs and servicing on cars of all makes and models. With high attention to detail, many years of experience and the latest diagnostic software, you can be sure that our service is second to none. Contact our team today for more information or to book your car into our Finchley garage.

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